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Weekend news

No answers foreseen in probe of federal prosecutor's firings. LVRJ 10/4/08

Supreme Court orders judge to hold rehearing. LVRJ 10/4/08

Self-help center would aid amateur civil lawyers. LVSun 10/5/08

Prison biomass plant up and running after difficult start. Nevada Appeal 10/5/08

Frederick: voter fraud in Las Vegas? LVRJ 10/5/08

Search legality challenged in polygamous sect case. LVRJ 10/5/08

Defense in sting case claims agents used racial slur. LVSun 10/4/08

Despite ruling, detainee cases facing delays. NYTimes 10/4/08

Political warfare in Missouri led to prosecutor's firing. Washington Post 10/3/08

Editorial: Court in session. LVRJ 10/5/08

Justices return to less meaty docket. NYTimes 10/4/08

Palace station robbery: O.J. Simpson guilty. LVRJ 10/4/08

Smith: OJ Simpson a mediocre criminal who committed a stupid crime. LVRJ 10/5/08

Simpson's jail conditions far from Miami luxury. LVRJ 10/5/08

Many start contrasts as Simpson is convicted. NYTimes 10/4/08

For O.J. Simpson: A different time, place and verdict. LATimes 10/5/08

Vegas jury convicts Simpson. Washington Post 10/4/08

O.J. Simpson jurors say facts alone influenced verdict. LATimes 10/5/08

Via the Las Vegas Sun, the Simpson jury instructions are available here.

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