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This Week

Monday, October 6 - US Supreme Court begins its 2008/09 term. The Court will hear arguments in Altria Group v. Good (federal preemption of state trort claims against tobacco manufacturers), Locke v. Karass (unions, non-mmber agency fees for litigation expenses) and Vaden v. Discover Bank (federal court jurisdiction re: state law arbitration claims). The Court will also release an order list from its conference of Sept. 29.
Monday, October 6 10:00 am - Nevada Supreme Court en banc oral arguments
Monday, October 6 3:00 pm - Nevada Supreme Court public hearing on proposed changes to the NRAPs

Tuesday October 7 - Nevada Supreme Court en banc oral arguments (schedule not yet released)
Tuesday October 7 - U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in Herring v. U.S. (supression based upon faulty info. from another law enforcement agency), Arizona v. Gant (warrantless search of a car whose occupant was recently arrested and threat to safety requirement), Kennedy v. Plan Adm. for Dupont Savings (divorcing spouses and ERISA).

Wednesday October 8 - U.S. Supreme Court hears argument in Winter v. NRDC (navy and whales), Summers v. Earth Island Institute (forest service regulations), Crawford v. Nashville (Ttitle VII and retaliation in investigation of sexual harassment claims)

Thursday October 9 - Nevada Supreme Court opinion release day

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