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In the news

Justices weigh value of a rule that limits evidence. NYTimes 10/8/08

In blow to Bush, judge orders 17 Guantanamo detainees freed. NYTimes 10/8/08

Alleging fraud, authorities raid voter group.
LVRJ 10/8/08

Photo: here comes the judge. LVRJ 10/8/08

Clark County report: Child suicides, accidental deaths rise.
LVRJ 10/8/08

Belt-tightening puts crimp on officers' monitoring of felons. LVSun 10/8/08

Judge: attacker 'gleeful.' LVRJ 10/7/08

Editorial: Simpson case is far from finished. LVRJ 10/7/08

Judicial candidates to square off: Elko's most intriguing race heats up with televised debate. Elko Daily 10/7/08

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