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In the news

Judge reconsiders retrial in killing. LVRJ 10/1/08

Smith: ex-cop linked to HOA probe clearly carried burden before apparent suicide. LVRJ 10/1/08

Retired Metro officer under investigation found dead. LVSun 9/30/08

HOA investigation: retired officer found dead. LVRJ 10/1/08

O.J. questionnaires to be released after trial. LVRJ 10/1/08

Airport scanner peers through clothing. LVRJ 10/1/08

12,700 marijuana plants seized in Esmeralda County. LVRJ 10/1/08

Editorial: Investigating a scandal. NYTimes 9/30/08

Supreme Court won't revisit deathpenalty case. NYTimes 10/1/08

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