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Face to Face schedule for judicial races

Jon Ralson will interview judicial candidates on Face to Face:
The program appears on Las Vegas 1 (COX Cable channel 19), the all-news cable channel that is a joint operation of Cox Communications, KLAS-Channel 8 and the Las Vegas Sun. The show appears weekdays at 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. and 3 a.m.

State Supreme Court: Kris Pickering and Judge Deborah Schumacher debate in prime time on Channel 8 after the October 2 vice-presidential debate.

District Court 6: Elissa Cadish and Ben Childs go Face to Face October 6.

District Court 7: Candidates Robert Spretnak and Linda Bell debate on September 30.

District Court 8: Attorney Josh Kunis takes on Judge Doug Smith on October 6.

District Court 10: Judge Jessie Walsh faces challenger William Kephart on October 13.

District Court 12: Kurt Harris is anxious to debate Judge Michelle Leavitt, who says she's willing but presiding over a potential death penalty case.

District Court 14: Judge Donald Mosley is declining to debate his opponent, North Las Vegas Deputy District Attorney Chris Davis, who will appear alone.

District Court 17: [Michael Villani and Bruce Gale appeared on September 30].

District Court 22: Judge Susan Johnson was willing to make room on her calendar for a debate, but opponent Donn Ianuzi has also failed to respond.

District Court 23: Judge Stefany Miley is trying to leave her Family Court position mid-term to move to the District Court. She's willing to debate, but her opponent for Elizabeth Halverson's seat, attorney Jason Landess, says he's not interested.

District Court 25: Attorney Susan Scann and Deputy Attorney General Kathleen Delaney square off on October 16.

Family Court G: Judge Dianne Steel goes Face to Face with challenger Amy Mastin on October 17.

Family Court I: Judge Cheryl Moss says she has a full calendar and can't debate challenger Greta Muirhead. My guess is Moss still doesn't want to answer questions we've long tried to ask about the case of Syber Wells, the 12-year-old who killed himself with his father's rifle. Moss dismissed concerns from Syber's mother about the guns in her estranged husband's home, with tragic results.

Family Court J: Judge Lisa Kent, who earned dismal ratings in a survey of lawyers, says she can't debate challenger Ken Pollock because both of the judge's parents are in the hospital.

Family Court K: Vincent Ochoa and Cynthia Giuliani meet again on October 8 in a program that will air on October 10.

Family Court L: Judge Jennifer Elliot takes on challenger Dawn Throne on October 17.

Family Court N: Two family court attorneys making another bid for the bench, Gayle Nathan and Matthew Harter, go Face to Face October 9.

Family Court O: Frank Sullivan is in. Waiting for Ron Israel to find a suitable date.

Family Court P: Judge Sandra Pomrenze and challenger Jack Howard meet October 8 in a debate that will air on the 10th.

Family Court Q: Bryce Duckworth meets up with Carl Piazza on October 9.

Family Court R: Chuck Hoskin and perennial candidate Bill Henderson go Face to Face.on October 14.

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