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In the news

Man who fled court shocked with Taser. LVRJ 9/30/08

Judge throws out law requiring petitions signed in all counties. LVRJ 9/30/08

Prosecution rests in Simpson case. LVRJ 9/30/08

O.J. Simpson's defense may rest on 'the piece.' LATimes 9/30/08

15 arrested during Thunder on the Mountain. Nevada Appeal 9/30/08
Vegas police to identify jailed illegal immigrants. Nevada Appeal 9/30/08

Deal will let county officers start deportation proceedings. LVRJ 9/30/08

Feds, DA rebuffed HOA members. LVSun 9/29/08

Breakdown of report on fired prosecutors. Associated Press 9/30/08

Editorial: the correct move. LVSun 9/30/08

Where the trail leads next. Slate 9/29/08

Editorial: Politics over prosecutors. Washington Post 9/30/08

Lawyer to continue inquiry into prosecutor's firing. Washington Post 9/30/08

Prosecutor is named in dismisal of attorneys. NYTimes 9/29/08

Via Ralston, the excerpt of the report concerning Nevada's Dan Bogden is available here. The entire report is available here.

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