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Weekend news

Halverson's illness halts discipline hearing; forum rescheduled. LVRJ 8/9/08

Orphan pleads guilty to charges of embezzlement. RGJ 8/9/08

Man admits embezzling $2.2 million. LVRJ 8/9/08

Police: Deputy accused of viewing child porn on the internet. RGJ 8/9/08

Man in ricin case says powder was made decade ago. LVRJ 8/10/08

Early voting tally is low. LVRJ 8/10/08

Neff: "I didn't know anything about them. LVRJ 8/10/08

Editorial: Default setting: secrecy, obfuscation. LVRJ 8/10/08

Goodbye, 'Graybar Hotel'? Nevada Appeal 8/10/08 (re: Nevada State Prison)

Ralston: Humble predictions for the outcomes in four of Nevada's upcoming elections. LVSun 8/10/08

War crimes system is still on trial. NYTimes 8/10/08

Detaineee may not go free after sentence. Washington Post 8/10/08

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