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In the news

Judge must apologize to woman he jailed. LVSun 6/17/08

Facing budge 'crisis,' public defenders may refuse cases. ABC News 6/13/08

'Disposable heroes': Veterans used to test suicide-linked drugs. ABC News 6/17/08

Grand jury said to look at attorneys' dismissals. NYTimes 6/17/08

Big penalty set for law firm, but not a trial. NYTimes 6/17/08

Ex-Pentagon lawyers face inquiry on interrogation role. NYTimes 6/17/08

White house may keep documents in e-mail flap private, judge rules. Washington Post 6/17/08

Analysis: law schools growing, but jobs aren't. NYTimes 6/17/08

Editorial: A better system for young offenders. NYTimes 6/17/08

Will: Contempt of Courts. Washington Post 6/17/08

Lithwick: It isn't tilting in the same old ways. Washinton Post 6/15/08

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