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Judging The Judges

The Las Vegas Review Journal begins its six-day series on Judging the Judges. The biennial series is based on a survey of 799 Clark County attorneys. The complete 96 page report is availabe here.

Nevada Supreme Court
Highest retention vote: Mark Gibbons 86%
Lowest retention vote: Nancy Saitta 45%
8th Judicial District - Civil and Criminal
Highest retention votes:
David Barker 92%
Stewart Bell 91%
Allan Earl 90%
Mark Denton 88%
Douglas Herndon 88%
David Wall 88%
Lowest retention votes:
Donald Mosley 56%
Michelle Leavitt 56%
Kathy Hardcastle 54%
Lee Gates 43%
Jessie Walsh 41%
Elizabeth Halverson 8%
8th Judicial District - Family
Highest retention votes:
Gloria Sanchez 97% (wow!)
T. Arthur Ritchie 88%
William Voy 88%
William Potter 80%
Lowest retention votes:
Gerald Hardcastle 54%
Cheryl Moss 52%
N. Anthony Del Vecchio 41%
Lisa Kent 36%
Justice Courts
Highest retention votes:
Stephen George 91%
Deborah Lippis 91%
Tony Abbatangelo 90%
Lowest retention votes:
Natalie Tyrrell 65%
Karen Bennet-Haron 63%
Abbi Silver 55%
Municipal Courts
Highest retention votes:
Martin Hastings 92%
Cedric Kerns 83%
Sean Hoeffgen 80%
Bert Brown 76%
Lowest retention votes:
Diana Hampton 57%
George Assad 44%
Sunday's articles:
Judging the Judges
Survey ratings often reflect troubles
Scandals play role in retention rates this year

Monday's article:
Saitta nets a new low tally on judge survey.

Tuesday's article:
Amid controversies, judge gets low rating.

Wednesday's article:
Lawyers rate female jurists as less courteous than men.

Thursday's articles:
Attorneys most critical of judges' knowledge of law
Some lawyers perceive judicial bias

Friday's articles

Attorneys don't hold back on criticism.
New proposal calls for appointing state judges
Lawyer support appointing judges

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