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Death Penalty updates

Headlines from the Death Penalty Information Center:
New Poll Finds Increase in Opposition to Death Penalty
Events: The Legislative Abolition of the Death Penalty in New Jersey
Supreme Court Strikes Down Conviction of Death Row Inmate Because of Bias in Jury Selection
New Voices: US Attorney General Opposes Death Sentences in Military Commission Trials
Georgia Supreme Court Denies New Trial to Death Row Inmate with Innocence Claim
New Resources: Native Americans and the Death Penalty
Study Reveals Maryland Pays $37 Million Per Execution

Posts from Capital Defense Weekly:
An oldie but goodie on eyewitness testimony (video)
Lingering doubt
One last look at Snyder
Race still matters in jury selection
Death penalty study bill looks to pass in Maryland
Losses in the heart of old Dixie
New scholarship on charging decisions
A key rehearing
Poll numbers

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