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Death Penalty Update

Headlines from the Death Penalty Information Center:
Studies: "Prosecutorial Discretion and Capital Punishment in Missouri
Maryland approves death penalty study commission
Georgia rejects non-unanimous jury verdicts proposal
U.S. Supreme Court exempts Texas courts from World Court ruling
After two Supreme Court reversals, Texas man sentenced to life

Posts from Capital Defense Weekly:
Two notable state supreme court opinions on the right to privacy
VHAC update
Presumed guilty
Scott Panetti on remand
The Eleventh Circuit paints a dim picture of life in the lower federal courts
The hidden costs of the death penalty: California
Abu Jamal v. Horn
Exceptional (noncapital) federal lawyering
A death sentence reversed in Oklahoma
Legislative update

Reports by the ACLU on California's death row:
The hidden death tax: the secret costs of seeking execution in California
Death by Georgraphy

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