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Court Admin upset over Judicial Discipline delay

KLAS-TV reports on the 18-month delay by the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission in filing a complaint against Family Court Judge Del Vecchio. The report includes comments by Eighth Judicial District Court Administrator Chuck Short about the enormous delay in this case. The Discipline Commission refused to comment and did not give reasons for its failure to handle this in a timely manner.

As I noted in a previous post, this is consistent with the pattern of other matters before the Discipline Commission. The delay here, however, seems especially egregious. If in fact Del Vecchio committed these acts, he should have been off of the bench years ago. If he did not commit these acts, the Commission has raised these issues in an election year and will no doubt heavily influence the election by its actions as it is doubtful that the issues will be resolved prior to the primary. The Nevada Supreme Court should call for an immediate inquiry into the Judicial Discipline Commission and determine why it is unable and/or unwilling to act in a prompt and reasonable manner.

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