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2 candidates leave races

January 31st was the final deadline for judicial election candidates to withdraw their notices of candidacy. Two candidates in Clark County pulled out: Michael Root, who was challenging Judge Herndon, and Mark Karris, who was opposing Eric Goodman for Justice Court Department 11. With those changes, the following list reflects judicial elections for 2008.

Nevada Supreme Court:
Seat D - Mark Gibbons, Thomas Christensen
Seat B - Don Chairez, Deborah Schumacher, Mary "Kris" Pickering, Nancy Allf

Clark County District Court Judges
District Court Dept. 1 - Ken Cory
District Court Dept. 2 - Valorie Vega
District Court Dept. 3 - Douglas Herndon
District Court Dept. 4 - Kathy Hardcastle
District Court Dept. 5 - Jackie Glass
District Court Dept. 9 - Jennifer Togliatti
District Court Dept. 11 - Betsy Gonzalez
District Court Dept. 13 - Mark Denton
District Court Dept. 15 - Abbi Silver
District Court Dept. 16 - Tim Williams
District Court Dept. 18 - David Barker
District Court Dept. 19 - Allen Earl
District Court Dept. 20 - David Wall
District Court Dept. 21 - Valerie Adair
District Court Dept. 24 - James Bixler
Family Court H - Art Richie
Family Court M - William Potter

District Court Dept. 6 - Elissa Cadish, Benjamin Childs
District Court Dept. 7 - Linda Bell, Robert Spretnak
District Court Dept. 8 - Doug Smith, Josh Kunis
District Court Dept. 10 - Jessie Walsh, David Rivers, Ian Christopherson, William Kephart
District Court Dept. 12 - Michelle Leavitt, Kurt Harris
District Court Dept. 14 - Donald Mosley, Laurie Diefenbach, Chris Davis
District Court Dept. 17 - Michael Villani, Bruce Gale
District Court Dept. 22 - Susan Johnson, Donn Ianuzi
District Court Dept. 23 - Elizabeth Halverson, Stefany Miley, Jason Landess
District Court Dept. 25 - Suzan Baucum, Kathleen Delaney, Nicholas Perrino, Susan Scann
Family Court G - Cynthia Dianne Steel, Amy Mastin
Family Court I - Cheryl Moss, Gregory Gordon, Greta Muirhead
Family Court J - Kenneth Pollock, Lisa Kent, Morrisa Schechtman, Michele Mercer, Jamie Kent
Family Court K - Nicholas Del Vecchio, Cynthia Guiliani, Vincent Ochoa,Ellen Bezian
Family Court L - Jennifer Elliott, Dawn Throne
Family Court N - John Jensen, Terrance Marren, Gayle Nathan, Mathew Harter
Family Court O - Frank Sullivan, Ron Israel, Rebecca Wallace
Family Court P - Jack Howard, Sandra Pomrenze
Family Court Q - Bryce Duckworth, Thomas Kurtz, Allan Bray, Tony Liker, Carl Piazza
Family Court R - Bill Henderson, Chuck Hoskin, Maria Maskall, Fernando Guzman, Pamela Lawson, Brigid Duffy

1st JD (Carson City) District Court Judges:
Dept. 1 - James Russell
Dept. 2 - Caren Jenkins, Noel Waters, Jim Wilson, Mark Krueger

2nd JD (Reno) District Court Judges:
Dept. 1 - Janet Berry
Dept. 3 - Jerry Polaha
Dept. 4 - Connie Steinheimer, David Neidert
Dept. 6 - Brent Adams, Greg Zunino
Dept. 7 - Patrick Flanagan
Dept. 8 - Steven Kosach
Dept. 9 - Robert Perry, Elliott Sattler
Dept. 10 - Steven Elliott
Dept. __ Family Court - Frances Doherty
Dept. 13 Family Court - Bridget Robb-Peck
Dept. 14 Family Court - Linda Gardner

3rd JD (Fallon) District Court Judges:
Dept. 1 - Art Mallory, David Huff, Jack Kennedy
Dept. 2 - Leon Aberasturi, John Schlegelmilch
Dept. 3 - William Rogers, Thomas Stockard

4th JD (Elko) District Court Judges:
Dept. 1 - David Loreman, Mike Memeo
Dept. 2 - Andrew Puccinelli

5th JD (Dayton) District Court Judges
Dept. 1 - Marla Zlotek, John Davis, Robert Beckett
Dept. 2 - Robert Lane

6th JD (Winnemucca and Lovelock) District Court Judges
Dept. 1 - Richard Wagner
Dept. 2 - Robert Dolan, Jim Shirley, Michael Montero, William Schaeffer, Kent Maher

7th JD (Ely) District Court Judges
Dept. 1 - Steven Dobrescu
Dept. 2 - Dan Papez

9th JD (Douglas County) District Court Judges:
Dept. - Michael Gibbons
Dept. _

Justice Courts
Henderson Justice Court Dept. 2 - Stephan George
Henderson Justice Court Dept. 3 - Sandy Allred-Gigiacamo, David Gibson, Harvey Gruber, An Purser
Las Vegas Justice Court Dept. 4 - Melissa Saragosa
Las Vegas Justice Court Dept. 11 (new position) - Eric Goodman
Las Vegas Justice Court Dept. 12 (new position) - Colby Beck, Diana Sullivan, Steve Smith, David Linn
North Las Vegas Justice Court Dept. 3 (new position) - Chris Lee, Jonathan MacArthur, Michael Javornicky, Maria Perez Avilez , Marsha Kimble-Simms

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