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Death penalty update

Headlines from the Death Penalty Information Center:
Kentucky Govenor Commutes Death Sentence Before Leaving Office
New Jersey Senate Approves Abolition Bill 21-16
Editorials: The Myth of Deterrence
Innocence: Another Inmate is Exonerated, After 16 Years on Death Row
Resources: Leading Criminologist Recommends Halt to Executions as Public Policy Priority
Innocence: Study Looks at Life After Exoneration for Those Freed Through DNA
US Supreme Court Addresses Discriminatory Jury Selection in Death Penalty Case

Headlines from Capital Defense Weekly:
Commutation in Kentucky
I hate writing the term "another sort of homecoming"
NJ Senate votes to abolish. Key NJ Assembly Comm. refers bill for house vote
e-mail edition available
A curious challenge to the federal death penalty
Feds drop death penalty in all remaining Aryan Brotherhood prosecutions
attempted drive by sliming
Year end report: Texas
Fascinating Idaho developments

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