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In the news

It's a light day for Nevada legal news, so check out the following:

Die Hardest: Why the states are standing by their outdated, messy lethal-injection protocols. Dahlia Lithwick, Slate 11/12/07

Justice Dept. Chief Faces a Test in Minnesota. NYTimes 11/10/07

Supreme Court May Take Gun Case
. NYTimes 11/13/07

White House Ordered to Preserve E-mails. NYTimes 11/13/07

White House Ordered to Keep E-Mails. Washington Post 11/13/07

Lawyer's Long Fight for Democracy Puts Him in Familiar Place: Jail
. NYTimes 11/13/07

Guantanamo defense lawyers see stacked deck. LATimes 11/13/07

Panel May Cut Sentences For Crack: Thousands Could Be Released Early. Washington Post 11/13/07

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