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Death Penalty Update

Headlines from Death Penalty Information Center:

Texas Prosecutors Ask for Delay in Executions Until Supreme Court Issues Lethal Injection Ruling

Closing of the Capital Defender Office Will Save the State Millions as New York's Death Penalty Ends

New Mexico Supreme Court Stops Death Penalty Trial Over Funding Issue

PUBLIC OPINION: Poll Reveals Marylanders Prefer Life Without Parole Over Death Penalty

Attorneys' Organization Files Judicial Conduct Complaint Against Texas Appeals Judge

NEW RESOURCES: ABA's Human Rights Journal Highlights Death Penalty Issues

CAUSES OF VIOLENCE: Experts Indicate Crime Can Rise When Funds are Diverted From Police to War and Terrorism

Experts Explain Why the Death Penalty Does Not Deter Murder

New York High Court Overturns Last Death Sentence Because Statute is Unconstitutional

NEW VOICES: Former Tennessee Attorney General and Federal Judge Cite Crisis in State's Death Penalty

Capital Defense Weekly reports on the following:

they seem to be getting desperate

New York Times runs pieces on Sunday

new scholarship

Adieu to a bunch of great lawyers

Moratorium: Texas

Florida weighs in on LI (lethal injection)

Dow on the last lethal injection execution

LI Update

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