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Courthouse traffic information

Clark County Court Administration has sent out a memorandum concerning courthouse traffic issues caused by the O.J. Simpson Preliminary Hearing that is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday. The memo provides the following:

The preliminary hearing will take place in Courtroom 1A. Seating will be extremely limited for non-participants and non-media. Public setaing will be released by lottery on Thursday and Friday morning. The hearing will be broadcast on CourtTV and LV1.

County and court employees are to display their employee identification at all times while entering the courthouse and walking in the hallways.

Clark Avenue will be closed to traffic from Tuesday night until Saturday morning. Media will be staging on this street beginning today. Access to the secured judicial parking lot will be allowed to authorized individuals who enter from Casino Center. Authorized employees must show their ID to enter the secured lot.

The south entrance to the courthouse will be closed to the public on Thursday and Friday. Only media, judges, and employees with an ID will be allowed to enter through the south entrance. All others must enter the building through the north entrance. Employees entering the building through the north entrance must be prepared to show their IDs to enter the building. A large crowd is expected to gather on the corner of Lewis and Third Street, so extra time may be required.

Lewis Avenue will be closed to traffic Wednesday evening through Saturday morning. Those who use the Phoenix Building valet will be allowed to enter if they show their valet pass or employee badge.

Media vans will be parked in the public metered parking lot starting Wednesday morning. The memo states that this lot will be closed to the public on Tuesday, but does not state whether the lot will remain closed for the week. Personally, I think it's a fine time to have your runner drop you off and skip the parking entirely. Better yet, the weather is beautiful, so a nice walk might be a good option.

The County expects more than 200 media representatives to be present and notes that this is the largets high profile court even to take place at the Regional Justice Center. Personally, I think they should have moved the Simpson preliminary hearing to the old municipal courthouse at City Hall so that the rest of us, with cases of equal or greater importance than the Simpson case, could continue to represent our clients without all of this hassle. Shockingly, Court Administration did not ask my opinion about this matter.

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