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More on Nevada's stay of executions

The Nevada Supreme Court has posted additional materials concerning the ACLU of Nevada's request to stay all executions:

Response to Petition, filed by the AG's office on behalf of Howard Skolnik, Director of the Nevada Separtment of Corrections, filed 10/15/07

Order Denying Motion for Leave to Appear as Amicus or Intervene, filed on 10/16/07

Oral Argument Audio File - October 2007 (scroll to the bottom of the list)

For those interested in reading more on lethal injection:
Lethal Injection Web-Based Clearinghouse - UoC, Berkeley School of Law - Boalt Hall

Baze v. Rees analysis on ScotusWiki, including links to briefs.

Lethal injection readings. Sentencing Law and Policy

Lethal Injection Blog.

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