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Also worth reading

Court Stays Execution in Nevada. NYTimes 10/17/07

Lifers as Teenagers, Now Seeking a Second Chance. NYTimes 10/17/07

Liveblogging the Michael Mukasey Confirmation Hearings. Above the Law 10/17/07

Restoring morale a crucial test for Mukasey. LATimes 10/17/07

Mukasey Disavows Torture Memo. Washington Post 10/17/07

Court logjam forces felony dismissals. LATimes 10/17/07

Ga. high court says execution can proceed Friday. Atlanta Journal Constitution 10/16/07

House extends federal shield law for reporters. LATimes 10/17/07

Scalia opines on faith and justice: "There is no such thing as a 'Catholic judge,'" the jurist declared. The Philadelphia Inquirer 10/17/07 (via How Appealing)

Notable Scotus order on lethal injection. Capital Defense Weekly 10/16/07

The Dog Ate My Evidence: What happens when the Government can't re-create the case against you. Dahlia Lithwick, Slate 10/16/07

Brooklyn Law School presents a series of articles on Crawford in its symposium issue of the Journal of Law and Policy.

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