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US Supreme Court grants certiorari in 17 cases

The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in 17 cases this morning. Scotusblog provides early coverage and a copy of the order list.

Criminal law cases include the following:

Virginia v. Moore: Whether the Fourth Amendment requires the suppression of evidence obtained incident to an arrest that is based upon probable cause, where the arrest violates a provision of state law. Petition, opposition, reply, amicus The AP covers this cert. grant in Court to Review Virginia Drug Case.

Ali v. Achim: Whether an offense need not be an aggravated felony to be classified as a "particularly serious crime" that bars eligibility for withholding of removal. Petition, opposition, reply.

United States v. Rodriquez: Whether a state drug-trafficking offense qualifies as a predicate offense under the Armed Career Criminal Act. Petition, opposition, reply.

Begay v. United States Whether felony drunk driving is a violent felony for purposes of enhanced sentencing under the armed career criminal law.

Gonzales v. United States 1. Must a federal criminal defendant explicitly and personally waive his right to have an Article III judge preside over voir dire? 2. Did the court of appeals err when it reviewed petitioner's objection for plain error? Petition

Baze v. Rees challenge to Kentucky's lethal injection procedures. The Supreme Court of Kentucky's opinion is available here. The Kentucky court found that its lethal injection procedures did not violate the Eighth Amendment. Petition, supplement. The AP covers this cert. grant in Court to Consider Lethal Injection.

Many thanks to Scotusblog for providing copies of the petitions, oppositions and replies.

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