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In the news

Condemned man won't fight execution. LVRJ 9/27/07

After Jeffs verdict, victim's ex-spouse charged with rape.
LVRJ 9/27/07

Arizonans prepare for Jeffs. LVRJ 9/27/07

Judge refuses to dismiss medical fraud case. LVRJ 9/27/07

Career Clark County prosecutor making bid to put O.J. in prison. Nevada Appeal & AP 9/27/07

Man awarded $3.7 million in age lawsuit
. LVRJ 9/27/07

Money helped Spector more than celebrity. LATimes 9/27/07

Spector mistrial isn't end of case. LATimes 9/27/07

Judge Rules Provisions in Patriot Act to be Illegal. NYTimes 9/27/07

Prisons to Restore Purged Religious Books. NYTimes 9/27/07

College Dwellers Outnumber the Imprisoned. NYTImes 9/27/07

Editorial: Death Penalty Unfair, Must Be Abolished. Atlanta Journal Constitution 9/27/07

ACJ: Matter of Life or Death Series An in depth examination of Georgia's death penalty system and practices.

Looking in on: Carson City (re: new laws effective Oct. 1) LVSun 9/27/07

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