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Death Penalty Updates

Headlines from the Death Penalty Information Center:
Canadian Man Who Once Faced Death Penalty Acquitted After 48 Years

Texas Governor Grants Rare Death Penalty Commutation

North Carolina Man Freed by DNA Evidence After Nearly Two Decades in Prison

New Resource: Vanderbilt Study Reveals Decline in Federal Reversals Since AEDPA

Florida Doctors Wear "Moon Suits" to Hide Participation in Lethal Injections

Books: New Book Examines the Case of Sacco and Vanzetti

Since 1996, Federal Courts Have Cut Back in Granting Any Relief to Those on Death Row

US Federal Court Overturns Scottish Citizen's Conviction and Death Sentence

Men Threatened With the Death Penalty May Have Confessed to a Crime They Didn't Commit

Resources: DePaul University College of Law Officers Death Penalty Resources

Also check out updates from Capital Defense Weekly

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