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Death penalty update

Headlines from the Death Penalty Information Center:

Alabama District Attorneys Association Criticizes Attorney General for Politicizing Death Penalty Case

Resources: New Study Reveals Deficiencies in Eyewitness Identification Procedures; Legislative Review Set

Judge Declares Tennessee Lethal Injection Protocols Unconstitutional, Halts Executions

Background on Recent Commutation: "Grossly Inadequate" Representation in a System that "Broke Down"

Alabama Prosecutor Punished for Testifying That a Death Sentence Was Unfair

Expensive Death Penalty Prosecutions in Florida May Mean Others Don't Go To Trial

Editorials: "At Some Point, a Death Penalty Stops Making Sense"

Supreme Court Asked to REview Unusual Death Sentence"

History: The Death Penalty Through the Life of Anthony Amsterdam

Judge Blocks Texas from Destroying Evidence in Case of Possible Wrongful Execution
The American Bar Association Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project has issued a 500 page report concerning Ohio's death penalty. The Executive Summary is available here. (via Sentencing Law and Policy). More information is available at Ohio Death Penalty Information.
The Atlantic Journal-Constitution is publishing a four-day series called "A Matter of Life or Death" concerning Georgia's death penalty. Day One is available here. Day Two is available here. (via How Appealing)

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