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Report issued re: AEDPA

Vanderbilt University Law School has issued a report: Final Technical Report: Habeas Litigation in U.S. District Courts. The full 127 page report can be found here. Nevada was one of the 13 districts selected for the study. Among other findings, the report notes the following:

In capital cases, for the 19 Nevada cases examined, an average of 3357 days (9.4 years) elapsed between the day of the state judgment to the day the filing of a federal petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Oklahoma petitions were filed 1386 days (3.9 years) after judgment while Alabama petitions were filed 4467 days (12.5 years) after judgment). Non-capital cases were processed much faster in Nevada, with 4.1 years between state judgment and the filing of the federal petition.

Other findings are set forth in the report. A summary is available.

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