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Death Penalty Update

Sentencing Law and Policy provides a summary of articles concerning proposed rules that enable the Attorney General to sign off on 'fast tracking' death penalty cases under AEDPA: Speeding up the fast track to more capital litigation.

Topics at Death Penalty Information Center include the following:

Legal Experts Fear New Federal Regulations Could Result In More arbitrariness and Wrongful Convictions.

Costs: Counties Use Illinois Capital Litigation Fund to Cover High Costs of the Death Penalty

Lethal Injection: Judge Rules that North Carolina Failed to Follow New Execution Plan

New Voices: Former Conservative Congressman Questions Fairness and Accuracy of the Death Penalty

New Resources: Study Finds Blacks Who Kill Whites More Likely to be Executed

Public opinion: Gallup Poll Finds Less Support Among Blacks and Whites

Fewer Death Sentences as Victims' Concerns are Considered

Georgia Supreme Court to Consider New Trial for Troy Davis

Topics at Capital Defense Weekly include the following:

The Texas 400th

opt-in update

Reuters factbox on executions

"The death of capital punishment" - Uzbekistan

making gay marriage a capital offense

around & around

Ronald Rompilla Pleads to Life

quick look at the week that was

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