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Death penalty updates

Capital Defense Weekly provides posts on the following this week:

Adam Liptak has an article entitled "After Flawed Executions, States Resort to Secrecy."

Gallup reports national support for the death peanlty has dropped again. There is a stark difference between views of whites and blacks on the death penalty.

The Florida Times-Union reports on a budget crisis for attorneys in Georgia who represent poor people charged with crimes punishable by the death penalty: Death row defense continues for now.

The Eighth Circuit reversed five of ten convictions (and four of eight death sentences) for the first woman in the modern era to receive the death penalty in the federal system. CDW discussed the case in : An Eighth Circuit oddity: USA v. Angela Johnson.

Other recent developments are also noted and worth reviewing.

The Death Penalty Information Center presents the following posts this week:

New Voices: Federal Judge Calls the Death Penalty Arbitrary, Biased and Fundamentally Flawed

Government Ordered to Pay Former Death Row Inmate and Others $102 Million

New Series Highlights Problem of Lost and Destroyed Evidence, Wrongful Convictions

New Resources: Updated Historical Execution Database Provides Unique Look at History of the Death Penalty in the U.S.

New Resources: Destroyed DNA Evidence Blocks Possible Exonerations

Florida Judge Orders Halt to Executions Over Lethal Injection Problems

New Resources: New Study Examines Causes of Wrongful Convictions

Arizona's Death Penalty Five Years After Supreme Court's Ring Decision

Sentencing Law and Policy posts: "Debating the death penalty as bargaining chip."

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