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Death Penalty Updates

Capital Defense Weekly includes posts on the following:

More on the latest Florida lethal injection litigation.
Unconfirmed: Lethal injection "stays" out of Florida
Lonnie Johnson: "Geography means everything"
Twelfth Annual National Federal Habeas Corpus Seminar
Lonnie Johnson updates
Latest lethal injection scrume: back to Florida
Quick wrap up (including a link to audio recordings of a botched execution in Georgia)

Death Penalty Information Center provides the following posts this week:
Arizona's Death Penalty Five Years After Supreme Court's Ring Decision
New Resource: "Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration by Race and Ethnicity"
Arbitrariness: Woman Faces Federal Death Sentence While Triggerman Receives 17 Years
Questions of Innocence Remain as Georgia Board Considers Davis' Clemency Request
South Dakota's First Execution in 60 Years Involves Young "Volunteer"
Books: "Warrior Within" Details Life on Texas' Death Row
Report Fails to Erase Doubt that Texas Executed an Innocent Man

Via Sentencing Law and Policy, Moonda case reflects U.S. trend by rejecting death penalty. Pittsburgh Tribune-Reivew. 7/22/07

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