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Death penalty updates

From the Associated Press:
4 Justices Often Side With the Condemned. 6/6/07

From the LA Times:
Death to child rapists? 6/5/07. the editorial is discussed at Sentencing Law and Policy.

Headlines from Death Penalty Information Center:
Jury Strikes and Racial Bias
New Voices: Florida League of Women Voters Calls for Halt to Executions
Lethal Injection Developments Spur Further Controversy in California and Missouri
Texas Medical Examiner No Longer Stands by Testimony that sent Woman to Death Row
New Voices: Former FBI Chief Expresses Concerns about Innocence and the Death Penalty
New Resources: Scientific American Examines "The Mysteries of Anesthesia"
Two New Federal Death Sentence in Non-Death Penalty State
Without Sufficient Funds, States Are Falling to Provide Adequate Representation
Florida Supreme Court Reduces Death Sentence Because of Mental Illness
Texas High Court Dismisses Woman's Death Sentence As Unsupported by the Evidence.

Capital Defense Weekly discusses yesterday's execution in Texas, challenges to lethal injection, cases of possible innocence, and a grant of habeas in New Jersey based upon juror misconduct issues.

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