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In the news

Panel opens debate over sealing of records. LVRJ 5/22/07

Inmate early release bill becomes law. LVRJ 5/22/07

Smith: All these courthouse favors must stop . . . at least until I get mine. LVRJ 5/22/07

Peck: failure to fund defenders office like to spark lawsuits. LVRJ 5/22/07

Editorial: In search of . . . LVRJ 5/22/07

In hopes of securing new trial, lawyer for death row inmates grills former counsel. RGJ 5/22/07

Woman arrested on charges she used daughter for prostitution. RGJ 5/22/07

And from elsewhere:

Web Sites Listing Informants Concern Justice Dept. NYTimes 5/22/07

Convicted murderer is freed in wake of tainted evidence. NYTimes 5/22/07

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