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Analysis of yesterday's death penalty decisions

Abdul-Kabir & Brewer & Texas exceptionalism. Capital Defense Weekly. 4/25/07

Today's Opinions in No. 05-11284, Abdul-Kabir v. Quarterman and No. 05-11287, Brewer v. Quarterman. Scotusblog 4/25/07

Scotus death penalty rulings. Sentencing law and policy. 4/25/07 (lots of comments)

Justices, 5 to 4, Overturn 3 Texas Death Sentences. NY Times 4/26/07

High court overturns 3 death sentences in Texas
. LA Times 4/26/07

US court tosses 3 Texas death sentences: Three Texas death sentences overturned over jury rules, putting 44 more in question. Austin American-Statesman 4/26/07

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